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Honey and Chamomile Lotion Bar (Herbal Academy Version)

A few months ago I enrolled in the Botanical Skincare course with Herbal Academy purchased the accompanying Botanical Skin Care Recipe Book with it. It’s a great starter guide to formulating your own products. Moisturized skin is a biggie for me so the first thing I looked for were lotion and butter recipes. ingredients Chamomile […]

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How To Make An Herbal Salve

SO, WHAT IS AN HERBAL SALVE? So, a salve is basically a balm (there is a balm in Gilead lol). It’s a pretty simply mixture of an infused oil mixed with beeswax (or a vegan alternative to beeswax). HOW TO MAKE A SALVE There are several ways to make an infused oil: you can do […]

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This tea calmed a cough and fever

Not here to give medical advice, I’m just saying it worked! GINGER LEMON-AIDE by Rosemary Gladstar A while ago, I had a cough and someone else I know had a fever. I made this tea and within a few hours the cough went away and the fever broke. Again, Not here to give medical advice, […]

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