How To Make Rose Elixir

How to make a Rose Elixir

I made a rose elixir
Backstory: I received some herbs in the mail and a complimentary rose elixir was in the package. I tried it out of curiosity, not expecting any results, but I quickly experienced a mood boost and an overall feeling of peace. Sooo I made my own. Have you made any elixirs before? If so, what was your method?

INGREDIENTS: dried rose petals, 80 proof or higher vodka, honey. SUPPLIES: mason jar

HOW: Break up the rose petals by hand. This creates for surface area for vodka and honey to touch. Add roses, fill jar halfway with 80 proof vodka, and fill the rest of the way with honey, stir well, and Boom! Let your creation infuse for a few weeks in a cool, dark spot away from direct sunlight, shaking every day to every few days. Other option, simply infuse the roses and vodka to make a rose tincture and add the honey once it’s done

HOW TO USE: I would encourage research for a dosage that is right for you. I choose to take 5-9 drops, 1-3 times a day when I’m using it.

**this content is for informational purposes only. it is not intended to be used as medical advice. please consult with your physician before using any herbal product, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications**

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